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Rockin E Gamebirds and Hunting Dogs Ringneck Pheasant in flight
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Located on the outskirts of Silverton Texas in the Texas Panhandle, we sell Gamebirds, Hunting Dogs, Farm Poultry, and various Ornamental Farm Birds…

  • Bobwhite Quail Chicks
  • Peasant Chicks
  • Flight Conditioned Quail
  • Flight Conditioned Pheasants
  • Puppies and Hunting Dogs: English Pointers & Labrador Retrievers
  • Ornamental Quail and Ornamental Pheasants
  • Chickens (multiple breeds)
  • Guineas (multiple breeds)

The abundance of prairie land, grain farm land and rugged canyon ridges provide a variety of excellent training opportunities.

Texas Panhandle Pheasant Hunts


The Texas Panhandle offers some of the best pheasant hunting in the country.


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